Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Accident

Yes, the accident.....
In the mid 80's............that sounds so long mother-in-law Dona was making cut and pierced lampshades to sell in the League of NH Craftsmen shops with my father-in-law Dick's turned wooden lamps............very beautiful, I even have a couple.

We had thought that perhaps a little quilling on the shades might be pretty. So I made up some flowers and we tried to place them on the shade. We had envisioned that the flowers would show nicely when the lamp was turned on. But it did not. Instead, the flowers slipped behind a cut-out in the shade, and it happened to be that of a loon.

And the accident was born. Quilling my way. When the lamp was turned on, all you could see was a blob of something. But when it was off, the quilling showed very well behind the opening. That's where the idea of quilling behind a cut-out was born. A Happy Accident. So much for quilled lampshades..............

I did make flowers for a few lampshades with Dona completing them. And I did sell a couple................but my real interest was in the birds and ducks.........and on to wildflowers and other wildlife.

Quilling, My Way, developed from that little accident.............. I do have a lampshade with quilled flowers on it as shown below. I am unable, perhaps unwilling is a little more honest, to make any more, as I do not have any interest in making the shade itself. Too quilling isn't tedious.

Take Time for the Little Things........

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  1. Thanks for explaining how your "technique" came to be. I have long been an admirer of your work, especially since I love wild flowers and birds.
    Pat caputo


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