Friday, February 14, 2014

Wedding Invitations are coming in...

The time for wedding gifts is upon us, and I am receiving invitations weekly to place quilled flowers around and frame for the Bride and Groom.

Did you ever wonder how I got started in quilling? This is certainly a question that I get asked more often than not, and now you will enjoy the story as well.

Shortly after my husband and I were married, I went to a little craft shop in Epsom, New Hampshire, long gone now I am sure. Having seen quilling in the craft magazines back then, in the early 70's, I had my girlfriend's wedding invitation and wanted to make quilled flowers to place around it and frame it. I picked up the strips of paper and a little blue board, now obsolete, and went home to work out my gift. Many days later, I went back to the shop with my work. The lady working there looked very closely at the flowers and asked if I had a quilling tool. I asked what she meant as I had rolled the paper strips around a pin. She was amazed, and I was as equally amazed that there was a quilling tool! The quilling tool made the work so much easier. And I was hooked. I was soon making pieces to sell and went to my first show. I love paper.

Here are a few of my latest wedding invitations.

All of them are so different, and I find them all a challenge. I always want them to look really nice. And I try to incorporate the colors from the invitation with the favorite colors of the Bride and Groom.

Making that special wedding invitation keepsake makes me feel like I get invited to the wedding. Many of my invitations come from former recipients of a quilled wedding invitation made by me. I guess that is the greatest compliment.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.