Friday, July 12, 2013

League of New Hampshire Craftsman's Fair

It's that time again...the annual League of New Hampshire Craftsman's Fair is coming up on August 3rd thru 11th in Newbury, New Hampshire. I have been showing there since 1987 and its a great opportunity for craftsmen and collectors alike. We all bring our best work, all 300 plus of us. Please order nice weather, we would really appreciate it.

For those of you who wonder what it takes to do a 9 day show that brings at least 30,000 visitors, here is the view from my side of the road.

I have spent that last 6 months getting my work quilled and creating my new designs. The last month I have spent framing everything and giving a few finishing touches to my favorite pieces. The frames and supplies had to be ordered a month or two ago so that everything is ready to go.

The last two weeks I have spent putting stamps and mailing labels on my new postcards, which were ordered two months ago to be here. I order from They have great service and a really nice product line.

My next two weeks I will spend getting out the booth and everything that goes with it, from the carpets to the lights to the fabric. Everything needs to be perfect for the Fair. And some things may need to be replaced, which is easier now than set up day.

The last week I try to be sure everything is done so that I can simply think the week through and set up on Thursday and Friday. And yes, if you give me an hour to set up, I can set up in an hour. If you give me a day, I can set up in a day. But give me two days, and I will use both of them. But, lets be fair, the booth is going to be there for 9 days (plus two days setting up) and I will be 'living' there. Anyways, that my view. And here I sit, taking a sit down break and sharing my pre-Sunapee life.

I was hoping to put a really nice picture of last year's booth here, but unfortunately, we had a lightning storm two weeks ago, and it cooked my computer, modem, and wireless router (one more thing to do, order a new computer). And all my pictures. Here is a picture of my booth in Wells, Maine, at Laudholm Farm last year instead. It doesn't show the Sunapee booth, which is much more elaborate, little curtains top and bottom, and carpeting, but its a nice booth anyways, only a two day show.

I hope you enjoyed the little view from my side of the road...a Fair. Maybe you will have an opportunity to check out the show. Plan to spend the day, or two and have a great time.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

Sandy W.