Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Invitation Keepsakes

This is my own invitation from married, started quilling. Still quilling and still married.........................and a grand daughter now.

As you can see, this is traditional quilling. Most of the Wedding Invitation Keepsakes that I do are with traditional quilling -- that is, the flowers are placed on top of the invitation. The one below is produced with Quilling, My Way. Any of my designs can be combined with the wedding invitation for that perfect keepsake. I particularly love sunflowers, so this one of my favorites.

My wedding invitation keepsakes keep me busy all year round. Every invitation that I receive to quill and frame is different, so that means each keepsake is different. I have done over 2600 of these since 1973, so I guess that I have had a little practice. I photograph each one and they get uploaded to my website.....there are over 200 on my website to look over.

Below is a Wedding Keepsake that I quilled for a friend of my son and daughter-in-law's. The wedding invitation was not included in the keepsake. Included are the wedding photo and the wedding vows from the bride and the groom. This is a great example of a different way to make up the Wedding Keepsake.

The Victorian Wedding Invitation Keepsake below has many little flowers and leaves which can be made in any color. This is a very time consuming piece.

As you can see, I really enjoy making each and every invitation a one-of-a-kind gift. Next time we will take a look at some other invitations that I find particularly beautiful and elegant.

And we will look at Birth Announcement Keepsakes some time in the near future.

Remember, you can check out many more photographs on my website. And if you have an invitation to be quilled, drop me an email. We can choose a design that is just right for you.

Take Time for the Little Things.....

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