Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunapee Fair Booth Pictures

Here they booth pictures for the Sunapee Fair.....what do you think?

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

Have a great weekend........we had a little snow last night and "they" are talking 6 inches tomorrow night.
Tiz the season..............


Saturday, October 22, 2011


What Fun!!  Check it out!!
All the work is from Artfire.


Have a great Saturday!

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things......

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wonderful Sunapee & New Hampshire Home Magazine


Now that the dust has settled.........The Sunapee Fair was its usual wonderful self. The sales were great and the friends that bought my work again were looking for new designs to add to their collections. And it is always nice to visit with all my craftsman friends. After twenty-five years, you truly develop friendships. Sunapee is a really different show, it is a membership organization and a nice community. We all trade with each other for our Christmas giving and most of what I receive in trade is for me. I have a great collection of handmade work from the best.
My list of next year's designs has grown and I had many people give me new ideas. I can't wait to get started on them. I also arrived home to a pile of wedding invitations and a couple of special projects with poems and pictures. The pictures are below for you to enjoy.

Now you might wonder what all this has to do with New Hampshire Home Magazine.

I received in the mail today the latest copy of New Hampshire Home Magazine. I almost tossed it as I don't subscribe.................but then I remembered Sunapee. And the two ladies that chose a couple of my pieces to maybe be in their magazine......................and there they are!  The Cardinal and the Heron are nicely displayed in the "From the Hand, From the Heart article. Wow! You always have that hope that your work turns up in a magazine, and it has, on occasion...............but a New Hampshire Home Magazine just in time for Christmas shopping!  Made my day..............made my month...........
wonderful Sunapee just got another kudo.   Thanks to New Hampshire Home Magazine. I will add the link here when I find the new issue on the web.

so my link for today is New Hampshire Home Magazine.
And Harry & Wendy Besett's candlesticks and right about them.
another link for you to explore:  Vermont Glass Workshop.

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Inspiration is Everything

Sometimes you look around and see something that touches your heart. The Great Blue Herons that we see daily from ice out to ice in on the Merrymeeting River in Alton, New Hampshire, are the creatures that have touched my heart. And once you are touched by something from nature, it opens your eyes to everything else that nature provides.

This is my first Blue Heron design. Just elegant and beautiful.

My second design was the Blue Heron Turned. He is looking over his shoulder at me. I wonder what he is really thinking. Am I in HIS space....

And then I decided that the Great Blue Heron needed to fly. It takes him some major efforts to get out of the water........and I have heard that when he flies up behind you while you are in a  kayak you will remember him. Maybe not kindly, as he truly is bigger than life.

The fourth heron design for me is the Heron Fishing. He was first designed for a large piece standing on the edge of the river with trees and mountains. He then moved to his own piece and here he is.

This year I designed the fifth one...................He is standing and dreaming.........Heron on Watch..

My new one for next year has already been designed. Its my Herons Together.

I wonder what the next heron will be doing..........maybe his head will be in the water!

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My 4 day Website Sale

My second annual 4 day website sale is just around the corner. In case you missed it last year, I have added lots of stuff this year. Check out my website on November 5, 6, 7 & 8 for my special pages and special prices.

The ATTIC page has many pieces that I no longer make, or perhaps I have changed the design a little, or the frame........anyways, they are deeply discounted, some even at half off.

The BOOKCASE page has lightly used craft books, craft pamphlets, Craft Report Magazines, field guides, book books, flower books, and other non fiction books. I also have a pretty large collection of magazines like More, Oprah, Traditional Home, Real Simple and a few lonely odd magazines................I am hoping someone wants the magazines by the box, as that is how I have priced them. They are cheap, around $1.00 each, it's the shipping that costs so I have included shipping -- why not check it out!

The CLOSET page includes craft supplies, like new quilling paper, used frames, new pre-cut mats and a Christmas Ornament Quilling Kit that I put together a couple of years ago.

I do hope you will check out my sale -- and when you check out, put HAPPY in the coupon code for an additional 10% off everything on my website, even my regularly priced quilling. It's my gift to you for being great friends.

Here's my Wolf, which was new at the Sunapee Fair....

Hope to see you at my website.........

I would like to share a great blog with you:  Breath of the Dragon. One of her blogs includes interviews and all kinds of different thoughts. She did a wonderful interview with me about my Quilling. Check it out on her June 6 post. Comment and let her know that I sent you. Here is the link for her interview with me. Thanks again Sunfire.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.