Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspiration is Everything

Sometimes you look around and see something that touches your heart. The Great Blue Herons that we see daily from ice out to ice in on the Merrymeeting River in Alton, New Hampshire, are the creatures that have touched my heart. And once you are touched by something from nature, it opens your eyes to everything else that nature provides.

This is my first Blue Heron design. Just elegant and beautiful.

My second design was the Blue Heron Turned. He is looking over his shoulder at me. I wonder what he is really thinking. Am I in HIS space....

And then I decided that the Great Blue Heron needed to fly. It takes him some major efforts to get out of the water........and I have heard that when he flies up behind you while you are in a  kayak you will remember him. Maybe not kindly, as he truly is bigger than life.

The fourth heron design for me is the Heron Fishing. He was first designed for a large piece standing on the edge of the river with trees and mountains. He then moved to his own piece and here he is.

This year I designed the fifth one...................He is standing and dreaming.........Heron on Watch..

My new one for next year has already been designed. Its my Herons Together.

I wonder what the next heron will be doing..........maybe his head will be in the water!

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.


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