Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots of PR recently

I just received my copy of the Russian magazine "Scrapbooking: Creative Lifestyle". I was so thrilled to see my Heron Turned published in the magazine, even though it is all Russian and I am unable to translate anything........except the So I guess that is a good thing! I have a link to the magazine, but there is very little on the website, not even my quilled picture. But that's ok, the magazine does seem to be attracting people to this blog and my website. I was impressed by the quilling in the magazine, just wonder what it says.

My Rooster seems to be making lots of good impressions. I am so glad that the folk art pieces are making everybody happy. I know that I enjoy making them.
Here is my recent bird.

My Quilled Rooster has also been added to a couple of blogs. Check them out.

Creative Artworks Blog by Linda Lewis. 

And her blog article was picked up by another blog:

Its really great to see my work on other people's blogs. Enjoy.

I just realized that it has been 6 months since I have been here. Wow, the last post was just before the League of NH Craftsmans Fair last August. For a quick update, the fair was great, AND my folk art pieces were well received and many were adopted. Which keeps me moving ahead with more designs. I will be back with my new ones to show you.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.