Saturday, May 14, 2011

Custom Quilled Wedding Invitation Keepsakes

The spring season has arrived and with it have arrived a few wedding invitations for me to turn into wonderful wedding keepsakes. The very first quilling I did was for my girlfriend -- I quilled many tiny little flowers and place them around her wedding invitation. It did not have glass because I did not know enough at the time to do so. Now the invitations and all my work is under glass.

The first invitation that I sent out this week was one with seashells and starfish. I quilled jamaican blue flowers and placed them on opposite corners of the invitation adding to the shells. I then used a satin silver frame. It is a very pretty invitation and I particularly like the square invitation.

The second invitation is a pretty white invitation with green accents. I was asked to do a chickadee design around the corner of the invitation -- actually we started with a lilacs and hummingbirds design, moved to just hummingbirds, and then to chickadees, since the wedding had chickadees motif for decorations. Anyways, I love the chickadees on the branches and the flow that goes with the invitation. I triple matted the design and again double matted the invitation. The matting was a project in itself. I finished the keepsake with a 12 x 16 black oak wood frame, which really brought out the narrow black mats and the writing on the invitation. Beautiful finished keepsake, really one of my favorites.

As you can see from these two invitations, all of my creations are different. And each invitation is created with all the ideas that you want to incorporate. The first invitation was a client who said "do it your way, I trust your judgement, I have always liked your work," and the second had many ideas and suggestions to add to mine. All of them are fun, and, even after 35 plus years, and 2600 keepsakes later, I still enjoy them. Perhaps the best thing is being part of so many weddings.......

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

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  1. I watch a lot of fun to work it's wonderful!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. Truly beautiful and as you mention they are each unique, OOAK ... a true keepsake that each couple will cherish. Your quilling is gorgeous and so detailed, just amazing.
    Found you through abracadabra's blog as I read your comment and I could remember the days when I used to do arts & crafts shows. They are a lot of work and it can be exhausting standing on a hard surface all day in the wind, heat or cold, rain or sun (or even fog). Talking, talking, talking to people until your hoarse and the never ending smile until one's face hurts. LOL It was fun but I don't really miss it. :D

  3. Hello,
    When I design custom invitations, I offer to design custom postage for my clients to complete the look of their invitation package. The party starts when the guests open their invitations, so setting the tone of the party with the invitation is important. But even before the envelope is opened, the first impression the guest has of the invitation is what’s on the outside.

  4. How much do you charge to quill and frame. Really like the first one you did, minus the seashells. Also, what is the turn around time? Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I am so sorry for being so late in responding, but this comment did not show up in my email. If you are still interested, the daisies invitation in a satin gold frame is $100 plus $8 for shipping and turn around is about three weeks maximum. The seashells in the first invitation were painted on the invitation, not something I added, I only worked around them. Again, so sorry. Maybe a nice Christmas present.


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