Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quilling, My Way -- Loons

Thanks to Sherry for suggesting I get back to this blog and continue to share. She is a scrapbooker whom I have met through Paperbackswap.

Let's go back to the beginning of Quilling by Sandra White, MY WAY. (Some other time I will go back to my beginning of quilling for me, about twelve years earlier.) My first piece was a Loon where I cut all the little feathers out on the Loon's back. That piece is long gone in someone's collection.

The photo to the right is the end result -- but we all know that the next one will be a little different, as I always try to do it better.

And the photos below are descendants of the original loon -- everybody's favorite, The Loon in Flight, The Loon Calling, The Loon in Display, and The Loon and Baby.


  1. The birds look so real. I love them:)

  2. Thanks Annie,
    It is important to me that the birds look real. Sometimes it works out with the first one, but usually it takes several attempts. And sometimes I am never quite maybe next time.


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