Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Blue Herons

One of my favorites, and everybody else's favorites,
is my Great Blue Heron.
I first started with the Heron below.
And the cattails were added later on.

My next heron is the Heron Turned.
He really is looking over his back at you.

The third heron in my collection is the Heron Fishing,
which is shown in the close up below.
I love the addition of the cattails to my quilling. It adds a little dimension.

 My fourth heron is the Heron in Flight.
He has wonderful movement and is really big in person.

Take Time for the Little Things......
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League of New Hampshire Craftsmen


  1. Dear Sandra, your beautiful Herons have been one of my favorites in quilling for a very long time. The way you cut the background and put your quilling behind it make your creations very special.

  2. Sandy, I have the heron at the top of this page and LOVE it (him/her) in my coastal bedroom! I bought it at the Sunapee crafters show and, as you warned me, I would probably need another to make a perfect pair. You were right! I've got the location and now need a second heron in the same blue frame. How do I reach you to purchase?? My heron is lonely.... Sandy Richter

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I have a website, You can pick out your next one from my herons, let me know if it is an 8x10 or 10x12 and email me a photo so I can make sure the frame is the same. thanks, I look forward to having another of my herons in your home. Sandy


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