Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Year's New Designs

As I look back on the year, as we all do, I realize that there really weren't too many new designs in my work. I did add the WindowBoxes, which are really different for me. And fun. That's is what really counts--doing what you love.

I am back to quilling a few Christmas ornaments, on a limited basis. I did numerous amounts of them thirty years ago. They are fun to do if you only do a few and then move onto something else. So I will do a few and move on to something else....maybe I will design a few more elegant ornaments, nothing too cutesy.

I really love the snowflake........maybe I will do a different snowflake in 2011.................hmmmm.

As I look back, I do realize that I spent alot of time reframing and matting and getting my current designs looking just right. That is a process all its own.

During the next year, I plan on trying to design a new piece each week..............that sounds quite ambitious. And when the piece is complete, I will post it here and await your comments. Maybe I will even get new ideas that I haven't even thought about. 

Happy New Year to All.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

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