Monday, April 18, 2011

Zibbeter Team Group Six

Here we go again.............with three more Zibbeter Shops for you to check out.

Number 16

"Celebrate Today.... Treasure Tomorrow with unique handmade gifts and keepsakes that I create with polymer clay. I am currently working on some new items to feature in this shop within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned and have fun shopping for the items that are now listed."

Number 17

"Welcome to my brand new Zibbet shop. You will find a variety of banners available for your Zibbet or Etsy shops. You have the option to purchase full sets or a single banner. They can be customized to suit your shop needs. Please feel free to contact me for me information or special requests."

Number 18

"Welcome to my humble little shop. I believe in creating a quality item and above all, pleasing the customer. I love making items for people to enjoy and share with friends and family."

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

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