Monday, April 18, 2011

Zibbeter Team Group Eight

Three more Zibbeter Shops for you to check out.

Number 22

Personalized embroidered baby and wedding gifts plus fun key fobs! Introducing an ORIGINAL design by POP embroidery... THE KEY STRAP! Click the "Key Strap Fob" section to view the original designs!!! The key strap is a copyright of POP embroidery. I enjoy machine embroidery and making personalized gifts. An embroidered name or monogram makes a "stand-out" gift! Please note most of the designs are available for custom orders! Feel free to "ask seller a question" and we can discuss your special order.

Number 23

Number 24

"A Crafty Arab specialize in handmade Arabic, Farsi and Urdu greeting cards and crafts. Eid handmade greeting cards and happy birthday cards are my top priority.

Marhaba wa Ahlan Wa Sahlan! :: Hello & Welcome!"

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things.

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  1. What a wonderful you blog you have!! It inspires me to maybe start my own. Thanks so much for featuring my Zibbet shop, Sweet2Spicy.


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